When to Consider Retinal Surgery

Retinal detachment is an eye condition wherein the eye’s vitreous gel separates from the retina. This condition also usually causes retinal tears, allowing fluid to accumulate under the retina and thereby causing it to detach from the eye. When the retina is detached, the eyes no longer function as well as they did. If you do not want to see yourself (or not) go into the road to blindness, then a retinal surgery is something to consider.

Importance of Surgery for Retinal Detachment 

A retinal surgery is performed to reattach the retina back into its proper place. This is also done to avoid and reverse any unwanted symptoms that result from the condition. There are various ways to treat a detached retina, such as scleral buckle placement, a vitrectomy, or a pneumatic retinopexy.

Have Retinal Detachment? Waste No Time! 

Even though retinal surgery has high rates of success, it is still important not to waste time when you have been diagnosed with retinal detachment. Why? Apparently, the longer you wait to get your eyes treated, the lower are your chances to restore your lost vision – especially when the retina completely loses contact with the supporting layers in the eye. In fact, most ophthalmologists will likely suggest surgery a few days after you have been diagnosed with retinal detachment.

Weighing the Results 

Usually, if the macula is still attached appropriately to the eye, your vision can still be restored. However, once it has become completely detached, the possibility of bringing back good vision is already less likely, but still possible.

Retinal Surgery in Hawaii

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