Dislocated Lens Treatment Hawaii

Dislocation or subluxation of either a natural lens or a lens implant means that the lens has moved out of its proper position. If the shift in position is great enough, one’s vision will become distorted or blurred.

Shifting of one’s natural lens may occur after trauma or as a result of certain medical conditions. Shifting of a lens implant can occur when the implant is not adequately supported by the capsular bag in which it is placed. The capsular bag that supports the artificial lens can sometimes shift or develop openings that cause the lens implant inside to moves. If the lens moves but stays within the bag, it is called a subluxation. If the lens moves entirely out of the bag, it is called a dislocation. Depending on how bad one’s symptoms are, the lens may or may not need to be repositioned with surgery. A subluxed or dislocated lens can be put back into its proper position and sutured into position so that it is less likely to shift again. Other surgical alternatives include exchanging the lens altogether and placing it front of the iris so that it does not shift.


Disloated Intraocular Lens