Dr. Kokame on Local News for Bionic Eye Update


Dr. Kokame shares the news that his first bionic eye patient can see light.

At the end of 2015, Dr. Kokame was featured on local Hawaii news to update the Hawaii community on his first Argus II Bionic Eye patient.  He was thrilled to share that she can now see light after years of blindness.  “She was previously in total darkness. Now, she can actually see the light. She can actually follow a light, follow a line of light along a path, and she can tell dark versus light and different shapes,” reported Dr. Kokame.

Please click here to view the news story on KITV 4 Island News.   For more information on Dr. Kokame’s first Argus II Bionic Eye surgery in the Asia Pacific region and how the retinal prosthesis works, please click here.