Know Your Condition: Is It a Macular Pucker?

Oftentimes we experience certain signs and symptoms of an eye condition, without even bothering to know what causes it and how serious the problem is. Macular pucker is an eye condition that few people have heard of, but can possibly affect you. Know your eye problems and have the symptoms sorted out before they get any worse.

Getting to know macular pucker

A macular pucker, also called cellophane maculopathy or preretinal fibrosis, is a condition of the eyes where a cellophane-like membrane forms over the macula, creating “puckers” and distorting the retina’s look and function. It can be caused by several factors, including the separation of the vitreous membrane from the retina surface, trauma, retinal tear, or different eye inflammations.

Do you have a macular pucker?

In the case of a puckered macula, the patient may notice a blurring or distortion of the central vision. In serious cases, this may progress to a loss of vision. However, the condition usually stabilizes in most patients six months from the time it first developed. Some patients could be asymptomatic, which means that they may still be able to see normally despite the macular pucker.

Macular pucker in Hawaii

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